Fiscal Operations Resources

                          SUNY Fiscal Dashboard

SUNY's Charter School Fiscal Dashboard takes charter school transparency to a new level.  The Fiscal Dashboard is a simple and dynamic tool to view the financial data and assess the fiscal health of any SUNY authorized charter school that has completed at least one year of operation.  The Fiscal Dashboard provides:

  1. the financial history (up to five years of operation) of every SUNY authorized school with data taken from the yearly, audited financial statements;
  2. data and a graphical representation of the fiscal ratio analyses that the Institute uses in determining the fiscal health of a SUNY authorized school; and
  3. a never-before available means to compare similar schools.

Note:  Multiple circumstances may cause a school to fall into the 'needs monitoring,' 'high risk' or 'poor' categories on any of the measures featured on the Fiscal Dashboard.  These ratings or labels serve as an alert to the Institute and the school that further investigation and analysis may be needed.  This prompts the Institute to closely monitor the school's quarterly financial results, interview the school leaders during an annual evaluation, set-up remedial actions, if necessary, etc.  The Institute considers a school's unique characteristics and current challenges in determining fiscal soundness, and acknowledges that one set of metrics cannot account for all of the variation in charter school fiscal models.

Updated: 4-30-13

  • Notes:
    • The Fiscal Dashboard includes data for 2011-12.
    • If prompted to update links or data when opening, select 'No' or 'Don't Update.' 
    • If having trouble downloading the zipped folder, try accessing the Fiscal Dashboard via Firefox or Chrome browsers.