Request for Applications (RFA) to Restructure
SUNY Authorized Charter School

Posted 11/2/10

This RFA to Restructure a SUNY Authorized Charter School represents the potential piloting of an innovative school closure strategy that is consistent with SUNY’s priority to put students first. 


If a successful applicant is identified, this particular school closure model would close the existing school – its educational program would end and the current school board would transition governance to a new board of trustees.  However, the existing students of the school would be offered a new educational program in the existing building; minimizing the physical disruption that normally accompanies school closure.

The Request for Applications below is open to all operators of existing charter schools.  Responses to the RFA must be submitted to the Charter Schools Institute by noon on November 22, 2010. 

Click here to download the Request for Applications

UPDATE - 11/17/10:  Endorsing this potential pilot alternative to school closure today, the SUNY Trustees' Education, College Readiness and Success Committee unanimously voted in favor of moving forward with the RFA process and the Institute’s review of any satisfactory responses.