Compliance Resources

Confidentiality of Student Records

There are two important federal laws concerning the confidentiality of students’ educational
records: the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (known as “FERPA”) and the
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (known as “IDEA”).

Both FERPA and IDEA apply to charter schools and district public schools. FERPA covers all education records of students enrolled in a charter school; the confidentiality provisions of IDEA mainly concern a subset of education records of students with disabilities.

In order to help your charter school comply with FERPA and the confidentiality provisions contained in IDEA, the Institute has created a summary of their most essential requirements:


The Institute has also prepared a series of forms (included in the above Briefing Paper and broken out separately here for your convenience) that you may find helpful in implementing your school's policies and procedures. These forms are samples only. While a school may use them as part of its policy, it should feel free to use its own, so long as those forms capture the information that the law requires you to collect.