Charter Schools Institute

Informational Video

        Institute Announces New Informational Video! 

                 Choice, Accountability, Excellence:
                 SUNY Authorized Charter Schools


Designed to address frequently asked questions about New York charter schools, this video also highlights SUNY’s rigorous standards for charter authorizing and the Institute’s work in support of those standards.

To view the Institute's informational DVD, first be sure that you have media playing software on your machine, such as Windows Media Player or Real Player.


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The 10-minute video includes important details about the practices of the SUNY Trustees, including information about SUNY’s required Accountability Plans and the related high standards required for performance on the New York State assessments in mathematics and English language arts. Also featured is an overview of the Institute’s scope of responsibilities, details on the charter renewal process, and commentary from upstate and downstate charter school leaders.

The video is complimented by the Institute’s enhanced website and a special issue of the Institute’s Charter Facts publication highlighting the unprecedented level of accountability mandated for all charter schools.