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Updated 1-3-12

  • One of the many revisions to the Act was the requirement that any charter school proposed in a district where student attendance in charter schools represented more than 5% (in a base year) of the total public school enrollment: 1) provide evidence that the school district of location approves of the establishment of the proposed charter school, or 2) explain how the establishment of the proposed charter school will have a “significant educational benefit” to the students who attend the school.

For the 2011-12 school year, student attendance in charter schools represented more than 5% (in a base year) of the total public school enrollment for the following school districts: Albany, Buffalo, Hempstead, Lackawanna, Rochester, Roosevelt, and Troy.



  • May 2010 Amendments to the Charter Schools Act:

Since its inception twelve years ago, the Charter Schools Act has undergone revisions, twice increasing the cap on the number of allowed charter schools in the state.  The most recent revisions, May 28, 2010, raised the cap from 200 to 460 charter schools. The newly available 260 charters have been allocated equally to the SUNY Trustees and the Board of Regents.

The May 2010 revisions also included a broad range of specific amendments such as: new procedures for applying to open a New York State charter school; new regulations for admissions lotteries; a common student application for admissions to charter schools; the application of conflict of interest prohibitions from the State General Municipal Law to charter school trustees, officers and employees; audits by the State Comptroller; and new requirements for charter facilities and for schools housed in existing public school space.

The May revisions to the Act were broad, and the Institute continues to work to develop and issue guidance to existing charter schools as well as those planning to open new charter schools about how to interpret and operationalize these changes. Additional resources will be added here as they bcome available:


  • The two organizations below offer a broad range of services and support to both new and existing charter schools; the first serving member charter schools across the state, the second focusing on those schools planned for and located in New York City.

The New York Charter School Association (NYCSA) is a state-wide member services association. NYSCA's mission is to promote effective, efficient, and accountable charter schools by: provide services that dramatically increase academic performance, and ensure financial stability, and; create a social and political climate that fosters the establishment and expansion of public school choice.

The New York City Center for Charter School Excellence is an independent, not-for-profit organization, launched in 2004 as a partnership between New York City and the philanthropic community, with support from The Robertson Foundation, the Robin Hood Foundation, The Pumpkin Foundation and The Clark Foundation. Its mission is to "stimulate the supply of high quality charter schools and support ongoing student excellence in all NYC charter schools, impacting the effectiveness of public education. As an independent nonprofit, the Charter Center is an advocate, bridge and catalyst for the achievement of academic and operational success and sustainability of all NYC charter schools for each young person."