Application Timeline

Updated! 5/30/14

January 2014 SUNY Request for Proposals Update


The Institute has held one review cycle for the January 2014 SUNY Request for Proposals (RFP) (the “RFP”).  The RFP noted at section II.G that SUNY, in its sole discretion, reserved the right to hold a second review cycle under this RFP.  The Institute, acting on behalf of the SUNY Trustees, has now determined that it will hold a second review cycle know as the “Summer Cycle” for applicants applying to open a charter school in New York City.  The Summer Cycle will commence on or about May 30, 2014 and will be open to applicants eligible under Education Law §2852(9-a) to open a charter school in New York City.  The Institute anticipates bringing any recommendations for new schools to the SUNY Trustees’ Charter Schools Committee (the “Committee”) for consideration during October 2014.


The information in this Update is made part of, and supersedes similar information in, the RFP originally issued on January 6, 2014, and last updated on January 7, 2014.





Second January 2014 SUNY RFP Review Cycle

Letter of Intent AND Evidence of Active
Community Outreach Due

June 16, 2014

Final Proposals Due 12:00 p.m., July 7, 2014
Proposal Review July 7 - Early-September, 2014
Applicant Notification Late-August, 2014
Charter Schools Committee Meeting Early-October, 2014
Charter Transmittal Preparation Mid-October
Proposed Charter Transmittal to Board of Regents Late-October, 2014
Board of Regents Action on Charters Approved by SUNY Board of Trustees November-December, 2014