Questions to Ask

The driving concept behind the creation of public charter schools is to give parents choice. However, like all decisions having to do with what is in the best interest of your child, actually making the choice can be challenging.  What follows is a list of questions to keep in mind as you review prospective charter schools.  Responses to these questions, along with a school visit to see school leaders and teachers in action, should help make your decision a bit easier.

  • What are the school’s goals?

  • Is the school meeting its goals?

  • What does the school expect from every student?

  • Is the school doing better academically that the district school my child
    would attend?

  • How long has the school been open?

  • Do you think the school’s charter will be renewed? Why?

  • How do parents know if the school is doing well?

  • How will the charter school help my child to succeed?

  • What role do parents play at the school?

  • How long is the school day? The school year?

  • How many students are in each class?