Believe Northside Charter High School

District: CSD 14
Authorizer: NYS Board of Regents

The mission of Believe Northside Charter High School (BNCHS) is to provide a 9-12 educational program that results in mastery of the New York State Learning Standards, high school graduation, and acceptance to colleges and universities of choice by all students. In addition, BNCHS will develop and maintain a school culture that endorses high expectations that challenge each student to recognize and achieve his/her full potential within a school environment that is nurturing, professional, and that fosters within each student an appreciation for life-long learning. Importantly, all BNCHS students will mature intellectually, socially and morally as a result of being an active member of the BNCHS community.

BNCHS will achieve these outcomes through the effective delivery of a comprehensive and rigorous liberal arts program that includes a state standards aligned curriculum, high quality texts and materials, easy access to modern technologies and teaching methods that are attentive to the appropriate developmental level and learning needs of each student.