Brighter Choice Charter Middle School for Boys

District: Albany City
Authorizer: SUNY

The mission of the Brighter Choice Charter Middle School for Boys (BCMS-B) is to prepare boys for high school and college success while attending to the unique developmental needs of middle school students. BCMS-B pursues this mission by:

  • differentiating instruction to meet the wide ranging learning needs of its entire student body and offering flexible learning spaces that compliment and encourage varied instructional methods;
  • emphasizing student choice with BCMS's unique iChoose: Citizenship, Integrity, Perseverance & Scholarship character campaign;
  • utilizing data from all aspects of its operation to inform decision making and improve student performance;
  • committing to technology use and integration into the school's academic program and culture;
  • providing each student with an adult advisor and small-group seminar to support the positive social and emotional development of boys; and
  • offering individualized counseling and guidance throughout the high school placement process.

These key elements are adapted for middle school grades from the highly successful Brighter Choice Charter Schools model. This model is best captured by the combination of the following:

  • an intense and serious focus on academic achievement, with a robust liberal arts curriculum;
  • an equally rigorous standard for student behavior, with an emphasis on core values;
  • single-gender instruction; and
  • an extended school day and year-round school program to maintain and accelerate learning gains.



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