Success Academy Charter School - Bed Stuy 2

District: CSD 14
Authorizer: SUNY
Partner Organization: Success Charter Network

Success Academy Charter School - Bed Stuy 2 is a replication of the first Harlem Success Academy Charter School, which opened in 2006. 

The mission of Success Academy Charter School - Bed Stuy 2 is to, “provide children in New York City with an exceptionally high quality education that gives them the knowledge, skills, character, and disposition to meet and exceed New York State standards and the resources to lead and succeed in school, college, and a competitive global economy.”

Key elements of the academic program include:

  • relentless focus on student achievement;
  • research-based and results driven curriculum;
  • 100 minutes of daily reading instruction, 30 minutes of daily writing instruction, 80 minutes of daily mathematics, and daily exploratory-based science instruction totaling four and a half hours each week for each student;
  • the effective use of student performance data to improve student learning;
  • a longer school day and year;
  • intensive intervention programs for struggling students and enrichment programs for high-performing students;
  • school leaders with the power to lead;
  • highly qualified, highly trained staff;
  • strong school culture; and
  • strong support for students with disabilities and English language learners.



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