Broome Street Academy Charter High School

District: CSD 2
Authorizer: SUNY
Partner Organization: The Door - A Center of Alterantives, Inc.

The mission of Broome Street Academy Charter High School is “to prepare vulnerable young people to graduate with a Regents diploma through a rigorous curriculum that is grounded in the principles of positive youth development.” To achieve this mission, an admissions factor is given for all New York City at-risk youth, specifically: 1) those who are or have ever been enrolled in the child welfare system; 2) youth who are homeless; and/or 3) students who are graduating from a middle school where over 50% of the students perform below grade level on the New York State English language arts examination.

Broome Street Academy Charter School partners with The Door, a nationally recognized non-profit in existence since 1972, currently assisting over 11,400 New York City youth. Through The Door, students have access to legal services, use of a licensed adolescent health provider, employment training and placement, college advisement, access to daily evening meals, and cultural and recreational activities. All students will be enrolled in The Door’s programs at no cost, provided by The Door as in-kind contributions to the school.

In pursuit of its mission, Broome Street Academy will leverage the services of The Door, “to meet basic youth development needs, so students with difficult life experiences can focus on the school’s Regents preparatory curriculum.”

The key design elements of the Broome Street Academy academic program are:

  • a curriculum rooted in State standards, performance indicators in cores subject areas;
  • instruction that incorporates the elements of flexible grouping;
  • reading and writing infused throughout the curriculum;
  • assessments that are linked to curriculum design and lesson planning;
  • the development of an Individualized Achievement Plan guided by a teacher advisor for each student; and
  • the recruitment, nurturing and retention of quality staff.



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