DREAM Charter School

Address: c/o P.S. 38, 232 East 103rd Street, New York, NY 10029
Phone: 212/722-0232
Fax: 212/722-1862
Website: http://www.dreamschoolnyc.org
Principal/School Leader: Josh Klaris

Enrollment:   200
Grades Offered 2010/2011:   K-3
Planned Grades:   K-8
District:   District 4
Authorizer:   NYC Chancellor
Institutional Partner:   Harlem RBI
DREAM Charter School will serve children and families from East Harlem, the community where its institutional partner Harlem RBI, a comprehensive year-round community based organization that provides educational and enrichment programs, has worked for many years. The school is founded on the belief that student success is based on the instructional effectiveness of the classroom teachers. To meet the various needs of its students, DREAM partners each general education teacher with a teacher certified in either Special Education or English as a Second Language. This provides two co-teaching teams on each grade level, with a maximum of 25 students per class. At DREAM, health and wellness education is a fundamental component of the overall curriculum, and the overarching importance of maintaining a healthy mind and body is woven deeply into the school's culture and educational philosophy.
State Education Department Annual Report Card: