Enterprise Charter School

Website: http://enterprisecharter.org/
District: Buffalo City
Authorizer: Buffalo City School District
The Enterprise Charter School offers an innovative school program based on supporting every child's knowledge, skills, and dispositions to grow and problem solve, giving them the resources to succeed in the school and become active in the community. Using tools such as Project Based Learning (PBL), this school and its partners provide students with unique educational opportunities presently not available in other public schools. These opportunities empower students to generate positive environments and to develop the necessary tools for intrinsic lifelong learning and ongoing academic success. Enterprise Charter School offers its students instruction based on New York State Learning Standards taught in multiage classrooms, conflict resolution training, two culminating projects per school year, art, music, physical education, health, computers, technology and foreign language at all grade levels, multiple opportunities for community-based field trips to augment classroom instruction, before and after school programs, hands-on experiences, as well as direct instruction and differentiated instruction to meet their individual needs. There are support services available in the areas of reading, mathematics and special education in order to help students reduce or eliminate academic difficulties.