Equality Charter School


4140 Hutchinson River Pkway East, Bronx, NY 10475

* 3rd floor of the PS160 Walt Disney School Building

Phone: 718-320-3032
Website: www.equalitycharterschool.org
Principal/School Leader: JoAnn Myers

Enrollment:   198
Grades Offered 2010/2011:   6-8
Planned Grades:   6-12
District:   CSD 11
Authorizer:   NYC Chancellor

The Equality Charter School offers you and your child a seamless, 6-12 school that will close the achievement gap in middle school and set the foundation for rigorous college preparatory academics in high school. Your child will join a learning community where high achievement and quality growth are the expectation for everyone; where students are safe, nurtured, respected; and where they are taught to plan and achieve their goals. Our Advanced Regents curriculum, which every student will be expected to follow, is designed to prepare students for college and work. We hold ourselves accountable, each and every day, to consistently improving our instruction so that the standards are met, understood, and applied by our students.

Equality's academic program is founded on the success of 90/90/90 schools, based on the research of Douglas Reeves. In 90/90/90 schools, 90% of the students are eligible for free or reduced lunch, 90% of the students are members of an ethnic minority group, and 90% are at or above grade level in reading or another area as measured by district or state assessments. These schools share five common characteristics: a focus on academic achievement, clear, cross-disciplinary curriculum, frequent assessment of student progress and multiple opportunities for improvement, an emphasis on non-fiction writing, and collaborative scoring of student work. Equality's academic program adds the following additional components: 1) high expectations; 2) positive school culture; 3) curriculum alignment with New York State Standards; 4) data-driven decisions; 5) inclusive education; 6) emphasis on writing; 7) collaboration; 8) parental involvement; 9) life action plans; and 10) advisories. Equality incorporates and expands upon these factors so that your child will succeed.

State Education Department Annual Report Card: