The Equity Project Charter School

Address: 549 Audobon Ave., Trailer 30, New York, NY, 10040
Phone: 646/254-6451
Fax: 208/730-0218
Principal/School Leader: Zeke Vanderhoek

Enrollment:   240
Grades Offered 2010/2011:   5-6
Planned Grades:   5-8
District:   District 6
Authorizer:   NYC Chancellor

The Equity Project (TEP) aims to put into practice the central conclusion of a large body of research related to student achievement: teacher quality is the most important school-based factor in the academic success of students, particularly those from low-income families. In singling out teacher quality as the essential lever in educational reform, TEP is uniquely focused on attracting and retaining master teachers. To do so, TEP uses a three-pronged strategy that it terms the 3 R’s: Rigorous Qualifications, Redefined Expectations, & Revolutionary Compensation. For more information, visit us online at

State Education Department Annual Report Card: