Fahari Academy Charter School


72 Veronica Place, Brooklyn, NY 11226

Phone: 917/733-2590
Website: www.fahariacademy.org
Executive Director: Dirk Tillotsen

Enrollment:   260
Grades Offered 2012-13:   5-7
Planned Grades:   5-12
District:   CSD 17
Authorizer:   NYC Chancellor

Fahari Academy Charter School educates, supports, challenges, and trains scholars for success in college.  Fahari is the Swahili word for pride and our school prides itself on academic intensity, which we frequently assess to ensure we are providing a competitive college preparatory experience.  Fahari Academy is intentional about the structure and developmental appropriateness of instructional methods and physical space grade-by-grade.  The levels of autonomy and accountability increase, as students advance, to ensure they are prepared for all college has to offer academically and socially.   In support of our goal of authentic college preparation, Fahari Academy has the expectation of participation from everyone in the learning community.   We view our parents as partners, our educators as shareholders and our students as co-creators of their own destiny.

State Education Department Annual Report Card: