Harlem Village Academy Charter School



District: CSD 5
Authorizer: SUNY
Partner Organization: Village Academies Network


Harlem Village Academy Charter School features a rigorous curriculum grounded in the highest expectations for all students, and a caring and nurturing environment with an emphasis on universal human values. The educational program incorporates proven best practices and research-based curricula, along with innovative, teacher-designed lessons. Village Academies believes it is essential that students attain proficiency in basic knowledge and skills and learn to think deeply, independently and critically. The key educational program elements include: a rich liberal arts curriculum based on rigorous standards of excellence; a longer day (7:30-5:30) providing students with the time to master essential skills, to reflect deeply, and to fall in love with learning; a college-bound school culture; frequent, diagnostic assessment of student progress that drives continual instructional improvement; tutoring, Saturday school and study hall for students who need extra help and attention; a system of assessment analysis that informs instruction; a culture of accountability for academic achievement; talented, dedicated teachers with subject area expertise; a small, safe, nurturing environment; school culture emphasizing kindness, integrity, compassion, hard work, social justice and responsibility; an advisory system that provides support and personal attention for students; after-school activities including karate, chess, yoga and dance; a clear, strict code of conduct that is consistent throughout the school; and school uniforms contributing to a culture of respect, scholarship, and community.



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