Henry Johnson Charter School




District: Albany City
Authorizer: SUNY
Henry Johnson Charter School's mission is to ensure that all students reach the highest levels of scholastic achievement in an environment that instills character, virtue and six “habits of mind” that ensure success both within and outside of the classroom: diligence, courage, respect, self-reliance, duty and responsibility. To achieve this mission, the school has been designed based on the foundation elements of a preparatory charter school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin modeled after the Marva Collins program. Those foundation elements are hard work, patience and concern for each child without preconceptions, reward for accomplishments, and the maintenance of a consistent environment of great expectations. The school will adopt the New York State Core Curriculum and implement it by using McMillan-McGraw Hill's Treasures, Junior Great Books, and Accelerated Reader for English language arts, Scott Foresman/Addison Wesley's Mathematics, Accelerated Math, the Full Option Science System (FOSS) and Social Studies Alive! Instruction in Spanish would be provided beginning in the school’s third year of operation. Students in grades K-2 would receive 60 minutes of instruction each day in mathematics and 3.5 hours each day of instruction in language arts, reading and writing. Each classroom will have two adults to provide instruction, and professional development would be a key component in the achievement of the school’s mission. In addition, an extended school day would accommodate the need for time for tutoring, homework and enrichment, and the extended school year would provide additional time for both instruction and professional development.



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