Icahn Charter School 3
* Note: This school was formerly called Carl C. Icahn Charter School South Bronx

Website: http://www.icahncharterschool3.org
District: CSD 8
Authorizer: SUNY
Partner Organization: Foundation for a Greater Opportunity, LLC
Icahn Charter School 3 will be the second replication school modeled after Icahn Charter School 1 in the Bronx. The school’s main curriculum is based on the Core Knowledge Program. As with Icahn Charter School 1 and Icahn Charter School 2, which opened in 2007, Icahn Charter School 3 will offer a school day that runs from 8:30 am to 4 pm, Saturday classes for students who need more help, and a longer school year to ensure that students have more instructional time than their peers in traditional public schools.



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