Icahn Charter School 5

Website: http://www.icahncharterschool5.org
District: CSD 9
Authorizer: SUNY
Partner Organzation: Foundation for a Greater Opportunity, LLC
Icahn Charter School 5 will be a replication of Icahn Charter School 1 (www.ccics.org).  With small classes of eighteen students per class and two classes per grade, the school will start with grades K-2 and ultimately grow to serve grades K-8. 

All of the Icahn schools use the Core Knowledge curriculum with a focus on assessment, so that individualized work can be organized to ensure that each child reaches his/her potential.  The Icahn schools feature a longer school day, a longer school year and Saturday Academies.  The validity of the rigorous program has been proven by the high state tests scores achieved by students.