KIPP Academy Charter School

Address: 250 East 156th Street, Bronx, NY 10451
Phone: 718/665-3555
Fax: 718/585-7982
Principal/School Leader:

Stephen Buckner and Carolyn Petruzziello (Elem.)

Blanca Ruiz (Middle)

Natalie Webb (High)

Enrollment:   535
Grades Offered 2010/2011:   K-1, 5-9
Planned Grades:   5-9
District:   NYC CSD 7
Authorizer:   NYC Chancellor
Institutional Partner:   KIPP Foundation
The KIPP Charter School framework motivates students and teachers to attend school from 7:25 to 5:00 p.m. during the week, for four hours on Saturdays, and for three weeks during the summer. The school has a 213 day school year. During the KIPP school day students attend classes in all major subject areas: reading, writing, social studies, science, math, and thinking skills. All KIPP classes focus on developing our students’ basic skills along with their higher order critical thinking skills and literacy skills. In addition, all of the students in KIPP learn how to read music and play an instrument before they enter high school. Teachers, students, and parents are all expected to adhere to the KIPP Commitment to Excellence Form which outlines the behaviors vital to individual student success and overall school success.
State Education Department Annual Report Card: