King Center Charter School

District: Buffalo City
Authorizer: SUNY

The King Center Charter School partners with parents and the community to ensure a caring student-centered environment of high expectations and academic excellence supported by an evidence-based curriculum taught by a deeply committed and highly qualified staff.  The King Center's purpose is to prepare all children for college and career success through a combination of academic rigor, student support service, and a caring community of peers and adults.

Key design elements of the school's academic program include:

  • Two certified teachers in every classroom with designated small group areas available to provide more intensive instruction as needed;
  • Strong parental involvement through participation in three conferences a year, homework support, and volunteering in classrooms;
  • Early adoption of New York State Common Core Learning Standards to drive College Ready Curriculum;
  • Ongoing professional development activities for teachers;
  • Continual use of assessment data to provide differentiated instruction and dynamic Learning Objectives Guide; and
  • Support social and emotional development daily through the Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS) curriculum for K-3 and ADVISORY Groups 4-6.



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