Leadership Preparatory Charter School 4
* Note: Formerly referred to as Leadership Preparatory Flatbush Charter School, this school will open in Fall 2011.

Website: http://www.uncommonschools.org/usi/network/preparatory.html
District: CSD 17
Authorizer: SUNY
Partner Organization Uncommon Schools, Inc.
Leadership Prep Charter School 4 is about College and Contribution. The school teaches students the academic skills, knowledge and personal traits necessary to succeed in high school, college and beyond. Through academic achievement, Leadership Prep Charter School 4 students prepare to contribute as leaders in their communities. The school's approach is based on the practices proven effective at the highest performing urban public schools in the country. The school operates under the belief that an outstanding education, based on strong mastery of academic skills and knowledge, prepares young people to build positive futures for themselves and become, as adults, community leaders. A culture of academic excellence - in which all children are expected to read on or above grade level, in which all children are expected to master one year of high school algebra by the end of grade 8, and in which all children are expected to act in respectful and honorable ways - is key to that development. Leadership Prep Charter School 4 is dedicated to providing the outstanding education necessary to develop leaders