Manhattan Charter School

Address: 100 Attorney Street, New York, NY 10002
Phone: 212/533-2743
Fax: 212/533-2820
Principal/School Leader: Genie DePolo & Stephanie Mauterstock

Enrollment:   275
Grades Offered 2010/2011:   K-5
Planned Grades:   K-5
District:   NYC CSD 1
Authorizer:   NYC Chancellor
The mission of Manhattan Charter School is to prepare its students to achieve high academic levels in the four core academic subject areas and music, to communicate effectively in verbal, mathematical and musical languages, and to apply critical thinking processes and ethical standards to learning, living and problem solving. Manhattan Charter School will accomplish its Mission by offering a rigorous curriculum in the core academic subject areas and providing daily, standards-based, music instruction to every student. The school will develop the reasoning and critical thinking skills of its students by imbedding the concepts of intellectual independence, intellectual perseverance, intellectual empathy, intellectual humility and intellectual courage into all aspects of its academic program.
State Education Department Annual Report Card: