New Hope Academy Charter School

District: CSD 18
Authorizer: SUNY
Partner Organization: Victory Schools, Inc.
The mission of New Hope Academy Charter School (NHACS) is to provide a safe, structured and quality learning community where our students' creativity and potential will flourish. The school will employ a committed and well-equipped staff whose excellence in teaching and high academic and behavioral expectations will promote the excellence the community's children can achieve. The school will enhance the learning experience of its students by integrating science and technology into core subject areas, the arts, and various enrichment programs. NHACS students will leave the school with a solid foundation in science and technology, providing them with a head start in our increasingly technological society and with a clear understanding of the seamless integration of science and technology into their everyday lives. The school's culture will treat every child as "gifted" and will celebrate, nurture and enrich the gifts and talents its students possess.