South Buffalo Charter School

District: Buffalo City
Authorizer: SUNY
The mission of the South Buffalo Charter School is to provide equitable opportunities for all students to acquire an education that links character education with rigorous academics, technology, and careers and prepares them well for the 21st century. The development of study skills to promote academic success and self esteem permeates all areas of the school climate. All students  have equal access to technologies which allow them to gather needed data, make meaning of that data, and communicate information using the tools of the information age. Students learn about the ethical issues raised by the use of technology.  Students are reminded regularly that SBCS is a special place where they come each day to LEARN! This is reinforced daily by providing a safe and secure atmosphere in which teachers are expected to teach and students are expected to learn. The administration remains highly visible throughout each and every school day to provide proactive rather than reactive support for the entire staff and school community. We feel that by actively becoming involved in little things which can happen each day we can prevent the big things which could tend to disrupt our smooth running facility. 



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