Summit Academy Charter School

District: CSD 15
Authorizer: NYC Chancellor
Summit Academy proposes to bring the benefits of rigorous scholarship to one of Brooklyn’s most underserved communities. We provide middle and high school students with a public school designed to address their academic needs and deliver on the aspirations they and their families hold for them.  We provide a seamless path to college, beginning in the critical middle school years. With three years spent invigorating a sense of college purpose, strengthening foundational skills, and developing the work habits and personal characteristics that lead to school success, middle school students are thoroughly prepared to enter high school without the need to adjust to a new environment with different academic and behavioral expectations. While we will adjust structures within the upper grades to meet the different challenges of high school and the developmental needs of maturing students, the mission and core beliefs of the school will be a constant. Students will internalize Summit Academy’s common beliefs and goals and be prepared for the increasing responsibility, academic expectations, and rigors of high school. This consistency will minimize the adjustment period between middle and high school for some of New York’s most at-risk students and will allow them to focus on the end goal: preparation for and acceptance into a competitive college or university.