Tapestry Charter School

Tapestry Charter School



District: Buffalo City
Authorizer: SUNY
The Tapestry Charter School offers small, multi-age classrooms where students will be given significant opportunity for self-directed learning. The school day will include events and activities designed to build independence and respectful school culture. This includes a 15-minute independent learning block for "creative problem solving," a daily "morning meeting" to include formal greetings among students, and weekly class meetings. The school will teach in an interdisciplinary style, drawing upon the arts in particular while designing instruction and curriculum to address various learning styles, per the theories of Howard Gardner. The school's literacy program will make balanced use of phonics- and literature-based approaches. An additional reading program will stress the development of values and character. The math program will add a focus on developing "number sense" and collaboration skills to the mastery of core concepts. The school will make significant use of manipulatives, hands-on modeling and "real life" applications to make the curriculum more practical for students.



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