Urban Choice Charter School

Website: www.urbanchoicecharter.org
District: Rochester City
Authorizer: NYS Board of Regents
Urban Choice Charter School is a place that inspires and addresses the intellectual, physical, emotional, and social aspects of all its students. The school was founded on the principle that strong teacher/student relationships, a balanced curriculum and a supportive environment, are central to educational achievement, particularly for economically disadvantaged students. An experienced group of successful urban educators provides guidance and support to a school staff that includes extraordinary teachers. Our teachers engage students by personalizing instruction and maintaining dynamic classrooms in a culture of continuous improvement. Resident physicians and other caring adults work in classrooms personalizing learning for students. Instructional specialists, working as partners with the teachers, ensure internal accountability. A Teacher Support Coordinator, who proved for ten years that Rochester at-risk students can achieve at the highest academic levels, works with a diverse team of instructional specialists to provide classroom teachers with the guidance and resources they need to increase student performance. The school has an extended school day to 4:30 p.m. This additional time allows core subjects to be mastered and still provides the time for other non-traditional subjects to be studied.