Williamsburg Charter High School

Website: http://www.thewcs.org
District: CSD 14
Authorizer: NYC Chancellor
The Williamsburg Charter School is designed to be an intensive academic experience leading to college study. Students will attend many more hours of school than in an ordinary NYC Public School and gain the benefits of many additional courses and resources. The school experience is also characterized by a number of innovative elements which help to foster strong school culture, citizenship, camaraderie, and maturity. Some of the program elements which define the Williamsburg Charter School experience are: 1. An Interdisciplinary Curriculum - Skills and content are applied across subject areas. Learning connections between seemingly disparate courses are consistently, by design, woven into the curriculum. Utilization of critical thinking skills and creative problem solving are systemically encouraged rather than memorization of facts and formulas. 2. Extended Academic Calendar - The academic year begins in August and extends until early July. School begins at 7:45 each day and classes run until 4:09 (Wednesdays 3:09). Students also take part in a full day of arts programming, 3 Saturdays per month (10am-3pm).