School Oversight and Evaluation
Institute Visit and Renewal Recommendation Reports

A central component of the Institute’s evaluative oversight system is a schedule of periodic visits to, and inspections of, charter schools, resulting in letters and reports to the school’s board of trustees.


Generally conducted toward the conclusion of the second and third academic year, school visits are performed by two- to four-member inspection teams comprising Institute staff,

and, in some cases, outside experts. Visit teams seek evidence of effectiveness in key areas: teaching and learning (curriculum, instruction and assessment); climate (environment and

discipline); facility (building or physical plant); and, fidelity to the school's charter, including its mission. The visits include meetings with the principals/directors, classroom visitations, meetings with school board members, staff and students, and reviews of student work. The reports resulting from these visits convey to the schools the inspectors' observations, findings and discussions. These reports also help to inform parents and other members of the public about the school's progress.

Renewal recommendation reports build on the findings of the existing visit reports; they serve as the primary vehicles by which the Charter Schools Institute transmits to the State University Trustees its findings and recommendations regarding the renewal of a school’s charter (original charter awards are for 5 years, at the end of the five year term the school must apply for—and demonstrate that it has earned—the right to be renewed). The renewal recommendation report assists the State University Trustees in evaluating the merits of a school's renewal application and more broadly the merits of a school's case for renewal. The reports are created and is issued pursuant to the State University Renewal Practices, Policies and Procedures. Note too that these reports also provide a wealth of information to parents and the public at large about each school’s progress.


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