School Oversight and Evaluation

Institute Visit and Renewal Reports

A central component of the Institute’s evaluative oversight system is a schedule of periodic visits to, and inspections of, charter schools, resulting in letters and reports to the school’s board of trustees.

Formal evaluation visits are conducted by the Institute, or external evaluators contracted by the Institute, at least three times during each school’s initial charter term and at least once during subsequent charter terms.  The cumulative evidence collected during these site visits, along with renewal year visits, becomes part of the record that informs the Institute’s renewal recommendations to the State University Trustees.  Visit teams seek evidence of effectiveness in key areas: teaching and learning (curriculum, instruction and assessment); climate (environment and discipline); facility (building or physical plant); and, fidelity to the school's charter, including its mission. The visits include: meetings with school leaders and board members; classroom visitations; interviews with staff and students; and reviews of school documents and student work. The reports resulting from these visits convey to the schools the inspectors' observations, discussions and conclusions. These reports are posted on the Institute website and help to inform parents and other members of the public about the school's progress.




Original charter awards are for 5 years; at the end of this five year term, a school must apply for—and demonstrate that it has earned—the right to be renewed. At the end of each subsequent charter period, a school must again apply for renewal of its charter.  Renewal visits are conducted in the fall of the last year of a school’s charter period and are typically longer and more intensive than other evaluation visits. Building on the conclusions of the renewal visit and previous visit reports, as well as student performance and other relevant data, the Institute generates renewal recommendation reports that inform the charter renewal decisions of the State University Trustees. The reports have been created and issued pursuant to the State University Renewal Practices, Policies and Procedures. Note too that these reports also provide a wealth of information to parents and the public at large about each school’s progress.

Resources related to school evaluation visits:

  • Charter School Evaluation Guide for School Leaders 
    A Resource for Leaders of SUNY Authorized Charter Schools
    (January 2013)

Note: Required Forms and additional attachments are posted below for your convenience.

A:   School Evaluation Checklist for Leaders of SUNY Authorized

       Charter Schools

B:   Teacher and Certification Roster Template

C:   Annual Visit Data Collection Form

School Visit Reports