Recruiting, Application and Admissions Policies

The Charter Schools Institute has created guidance to assist leaders of SUNY authorized charter schools in ensuring that the legal requirements of an open, non-discriminatory admissions process are met, and to provide greater detail regarding student recruitment, application, and admissions charter and monitoring plan requirements.

New! 12-9-13

Important Note:  Recent state legislative changes affect the 2014-15 student recruitment cycle for all SUNY authorized charter schools. Please read the Guidance Document below carefully.

  • Reporting Requirements for SUNY Authorized Charter Schools:


                 Reporting Requirment


       Due Date

Schools are required to forward a copy of their Admissions Application to the Institute annually

    Dec. 30, 2013

Schools in their first year of operation (and as requested) should complete the Institute’s Student Recruitment and School Marketing Effort Summary

   Jan. 15, 2014

All schools are required to complete the Application and Admissions Summary annually.

   May 1, 2014