Reporting Deadlines Calendars

The Institute has developed three reporting calendars outlining the various submissions, reports, and documents that a charter school authorized by the State University of New York is required to provide to the Institute, the State Education Department (“SED”) and local school districts from which the school draws students.  The first is for those schools not yet opened. The second is for schools beginning their first year of operation.
The third is for schools beginning their second or later years.

The Institute has made every effort to ensure that the calendar contains all important reporting deadlines that are contained in your Charter Agreement or in the law or SED regulations, and that the information is accurate in all respects. However, the ultimate authority is either the law (most likely, the Charter Schools Act, Education Law § 2850 et seq.), or the Charter Agreement in the event of any disagreement.



The calendar generally lists only those dates on which a State University authorized charter school must report to the Institute (sometimes in conjunction with reports to other entities such as SED). As a result, schools will have other deadlines that are not listed. For instance, there are a number of deadlines associated with applying for Title programs under the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act. SED should provide you with notice of those dates.