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Capital District
School District
Albany City School District
Grade Span
6, 9-12 for 2019-20 / 6-7, 9-12 at End of Charter Term
390 for 2019-20 / 440 at End of Charter Term
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Green Tech Charter School
Grade Span: 6, 9-12
99 Slingerlands St.
Albany, NY 12202
Contact: Paul Miller, School Leader
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The High School Academic Dashboard is under development.

To prepare young men to complete high school with a Regents diploma so they will have the opportunity to attend college or choose an alternative, responsible career path as they enter adulthood. Green Tech High will succeed in this mission by providing a complete college preparatory high school curriculum that ensures every student will attain the skills and coursework necessary for a Regents diploma, including the use of computer technology with an added knowledge and understanding of the environment.