Brooklyn Ascend Charter School

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School Profile

New York City
School District
Brooklyn CSD 18
Grade Span
K-12 for 2018-19/ K-12 at End of Charter Term
1,502 for 2018-19/ 1,511 at End of Charter Term

Locations & Contacts

Brooklyn Ascend High
Grade Span: 9-12
1501 Pitkin Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11212
Contact: Erica Smith
Brooklyn Ascend Lower
Grade Span: K-4
205 Rockaway Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11212
Contact: Johana Andujar
Brooklyn Ascend Middle
Grade Span: 5-8
123 East 98th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11212
Contact: Crystal Lane
Report Type Date Report
Accountability Plan Progress Report 09/15/2017 View
Accountability Plan Progress Report 09/15/2016 View
Renewal Report 02/02/2018 View
Renewal Resolution 02/13/2018 View
Resolution for Merger 02/25/2016 View

The mission of every Ascend school is to equip our students with the knowledge, confidence, and character to succeed in college and beyond. By offering a rich liberal arts education in a supportive environment, we animate children’s natural sense of curiosity and prepare students to think on their own, thrive on their own, and engage the world as informed, responsible citizens.