School Profile

New York City
School District
Bronx CSD 7
Grade Span
K-7 for 2019-20 / K-8 at End of Charter Term
677 for 2019-20 / 756 at End of Charter Term

Locations & Contacts

Brilla College Preparatory Elementary School
Grade Span: K-4
413 East 144th Street
Bronx, NY 10454
Contact: Alexandra Apfel
Brilla College Preparatory Middle School
Grade Span: 5-7
500 Courtlandt Avenue
Bronx, NY 10455
Contact: Matthew Larsen
Report Type Date Report
Accountability Plan Progress Report 09/19/2018 View
Annual Report 08/01/2018 View
Audited Financial Statements 06/30/2018 View
Renewal Report 12/04/2017 View
Renewal Resolution 12/12/2017 View
Resolution for Merger 01/05/2017 View

Brilla College Preparatory Charter School, a K-8 school in the classical tradition, helps students to grow intellectually, socially, and physically into young men and women of good character and spirit, and to be prepared for excellence in high school, college and beyond.