Resources for Researchers

SUNY Charter School Institute has compiled a list of resources, including best practices, rubrics, models, performance metrics, projects, and reports to inform and educate the research community on SUNY’s authorizing standards and success.


Autonomy for Accountability Bargain

Charter schools in New York trade greater autonomy over how to operate schools in exchange for greater accountability for academic outcomes.

Active Ingredients

An exploration of the unique supports and services that charter schools are using to target the social-emotional health and wellbeing of students.

Comparative Performance Analysis

SUNY conducts regression analyses to compare charter school performance in ELA and Math to similar public schools statewide.

Comparing NYS Public Schools

SUNY created an Interactive Data Map to compare its authorized schools with schools located locally and statewide.

Measuring School Performance

The Academic Dashboard presents a set of measures that demonstrate a school’s progress in meeting the English language arts (ELA) and mathematics goals required of each SUNY authorized charter school in its Accountability Plan.

Thought Leadership

SUNY shares insights, analysis, and best practices via webinars, podcasts, and conference presentations to support its peers in the field.