BRICK Buffalo Academy Charter School
Buffalo City School District
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Planning Year for 2022-23 / K-5 End of Term
0 for 2022-23 / 486 End of Term
Jeremy Esposito
School Mission
At BBACS, we will graduate a community of learners who will contribute positively to our global society and embrace their role as architects in building a just and better world. We use a holistic approach to ensure that students from East Buffalo neighborhoods have the knowledge, skills and support needed to be college, career and life-ready upon graduation. Our school provides a rigorous, inclusive and culturally responsive curriculum that challenges students academically and builds their social emotional competencies. We also immerse our families in an ecosystem of rich community partnerships to support them in maintaining the stable and healthy homes necessary for children to thrive. In partnership with our families, we empower our students to draw strength from their identity and become leaders in their communities.
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