NYC Autism Charter School East Harlem
New York City
Manhattan CSD 4
grade span
Ungraded for 2023-24 / Ungraded at End of Charter Term
40 for 2023-24 / 40 at End of Charter Term
NYC Autism Charter School East Harlem
Grades Ungraded
433 East 100th Street New York NY 10029
Rebecca Bachman, Principal
Jessica Seeman, Head of School
School Mission
The mission of the New York Center for Autism Charter School (NYCACS) Bronx is to provide individualized, scientifically based educational services to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The NYCACS Bronx educational program will promote the achievement of high educational standards and the full intellectual, social, physical and emotional potential of each student. NYCACS Bronx will also extend educational programming beyond the school’s walls through organized outreach, training, consultation and support for students’ families, and offer ongoing professional development opportunities to NYCACS Bronx staff and educators in NYC and the surrounding area.
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