Collection of resources for SUNY authorized charter schools


SUNY Fiscal Dashboard

The SUNY Fiscal Dashboard provides a view of the financial data and fiscal health of any SUNY charter school that has been in operation for at least one year.  The Dashboard includes the financial history for up to five years of operation generated from audited financial statements, data and graphical representation of fiscal health, and cross-school comparisons.

Download the SUNY Fiscal Dashboard

User Notes:

    1. Data current through the 2017-18 school year.
    2. If you experience trouble downloading the file, try accessing in Firefox or Chrome browsers.
    3. When opening the file click on the “Read Only” button, no password is needed.
    4. There can be many circumstances that cause a school to fall into the “needs monitoring,” “high risk,” or “poor” categories. This indicates that the Institute and the school may need to conduct further investigation and analysis. The Institute closely monitors quarterly financial statements, interviews school leaders and may establish remedial actions if necessary.
    5. Each school’s unique characteristics and challenges are considered when evaluating the fiscal health. The Institute recognizes that one set of metrics cannot account for the variation in charter school fiscal models.
    6. Formulas used for calculating Fiscal Dashboard Ratios and Composite Score are provided here.