Annual Report

Reporting Requirement: Annual Report

An Annual Report is required by statute and governed by regulations promulgated by the State Education Department (SED). This report is due each year on August 1 or the following Monday if August 1 falls on a weekend.

Schools do not need to submit a copy of their audited financial statements for the preceding year as part of the annual report, these statements are due to the Institute only by November 1 of each year.

Statute does require that schools submit in their annual report the expenses per pupil and administration expenses per pupil. The first number, expenses per pupil, is calculated on tab 4 of the mandatory Budget and Quarterly Report Template. The second number, administration expenses per pupil, is not and the school needs to provide separately. Tab 5 of the template provides a place to provide this number to the Institute; both numbers can then be added to the annual report document the school submits.

SED requires items 1-6. The Charter Schools Institute requires items 1-8.

  1. Report on Fiscal Performance
  2. Basic Educational Data
  3. Student Assessment Results and Progress Made Toward Stated Goals
  4. Statement of Assurances
  5. Graduation and Dropout Report (if applicable)
  6. Special Regents Examination Reports (if applicable)To the Institute only 
  7. School Calendar
  8. Board Trustee: Disclosure Form (if applicable)


Education Law § 2857(2)
8 NYCRR § 119.3
Charter Agreement (paragraph 6.1 and paragraph 2.12)

Submit to: 

State Education Department; Charter Schools Institute via Epicenter