Board Trustees – New Trustees

Reporting Requirements: New Trustees

In order for a charter school to add a trustee, it must follow the procedures in section 2.3 of its Charter Agreement. First, the board must vote to accept (elect or appoint per the school’s by-laws) the proposed trustee. At this point the person is not an approved trustee and cannot vote or take any official action on behalf of the education corporation until the additional steps are complete. Second, the board must submit the following documents to the Institute and receive acknowledgement from the Institute that they were completed and received:

  • the prospective trustee must submit a Request for Information from Prospective Board members (RFI)
  • resume or brief biographical information
  • a copy of the board resolution approving the proposed trustee or the minutes showing such approval; and
  • a current list of school board members and other information on the Current List of Board Members/Trustees Form


Charter Agreement § 2.3 and Monitoring Plan

Submit to: 

Charter Schools Institute