Board Trustees – Removal or Resignation

Reporting Requirements: Board Trustees – Removal or Resignation

The board must notify the SUNY Charter Schools Institute (the “Institute”), in writing, within 5 days of any resignation, removal, expiration of a term without re-election, or otherwise on its board of trustees per § 2.2(f) of its Charter Agreement.


Resignation Reasons

  • Trustee resigned for personal reasons
  • Trustee resigned when term expired
  • Trustee passed away

Resignation Reporting Requirements

The board chair (or board representative) should send an email or letter to the Institute and include the following information:

  1. Name of Departing Trustee;
  2. Date of departure; and
  3. Reason for departure.


Removal Reasons:

  • Trustee vacated his or her office by actively refusing to act (Ed Law § 226(4))
  • Trustee vacated his or her office by failing to attend three consecutive meetings without an excuse acceptable to the trustees (Education Law § 226(4)).

Removal Reporting Requirements:

  • Must be approved by a majority of trustee then in office as opposed to a majority of trustee present with a quorum (Education Law § 226(8));
  • Must be on written complaint of any trustee;
  • Must be for cause (misconduct, incapacity, neglect of duty, violation of charter provision regarding qualifications, code of ethics, etc.); and
  • Must give one week’s notice to existing trustee and all trustees.

Please include a copy of approved resolution or a copy of the minutes with the removal and votes recorded to the Institute: charter.compliance (at)

Board ‘How to’ Guide


Charter Agreement § 2.3 and Monitoring Plan
Submit to: 

Charter Schools Institute via charter.compliance (at)