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Types of Charter Revisions

  • Material Changes: changes that require specific permission by the State University of New York Board of Trustees such as a change to the enrollment for the life of a charter, changes in the grades taught (with the exception of not teaching a grade for one year), or management company changes. Read more about the SUNY policy for mergers and replications
  • Non-Material Changes: changes that are slight or outside of a permissible charter range require approval by the Institute, but not the SUNY Board of Trustees such as a change in the number of trustees or a one year enrollment change. These changes are subject to State Education Department review and agreement.
  • No Prior Permission Required: changes a school can make on its own without seeking permission from the Institute such as a change to the mission statement (charter paragraph 2.1), or a change in class size or number of students per grade (charter paragraph 2.2(b)). Written notification should be provided to the Institute for its records and to verify that the change does not require additional approvals.

Guidelines for Requesting a Charter Revision

  •  For non-material revisions, the school must submit the request to the Institute in writing. The Institute will acknowledge the request in writing and confirm whether the status is non-material. SED will be notified and the Institute will add the change to the approved charter agreement and notify the school once SED approves.
  •  For material revisions, the school must submit a detailed request in writing to the Institute for review and approval by the Institute or the SUNY Board of Trustees.
    • Requests that are recommended by the Institute must be approved by the SUNY Charter Schools Committee. If the Committee approves, a charter revision document is sent to the board chair of the school for signature. The fully executed revision is sent to SED for final approval.
    • If the Institute does not recommend the revision, the Institute will inform the school in writing regarding the reasons why and may suggest modifications

Example of a Charter Revision

A material charter revision to modify enrollment to more than what was provided for in the charter agreement (charter paragraph 2.2 (a)) would require the school to submit:

  • Letter to the Institute explaining the request in detail and why it is necessary;
  • Budget that corresponds to the request (see template);
  • If new grades are to be added, a complete supplemental curriculum and crosswalk showing alignment to New York State Standards if applicable;
  • Staffing plan that corresponds to the requested enrollment, the population of students served and the budget; and
  • Explanation of how the plan fits the facility or facilities plan of the school.








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