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New York City
School District
Brooklyn CSD 16
Grade Span
9-11 for 2019-20/ 9-12 at End of Charter Term
246 for 2019-20/314 at End of Charter Term
Accepted Proposal

Locations & Contacts

Brooklyn Emerging Leaders Academy Charter School
Grade Span: 9-11
125 Stuyvesant Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11221
Contact: Nicia Fullwood
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Accountability Plan Progress Report 10/05/2018View
Application Resolution 06/13/2016View
Audited Financial Statements 06/30/2019View
Audited Financial Statements 06/30/2018View
First Year School Visit 07/02/2018View

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BELA’s mission is to empower each young woman to be the best version of herself. Through a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, service learning initiatives, and a commitment to cultivating a spirit of resilience within each young woman, BELA students will attend and graduate from college.