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Capital District
School District
Albany City School District
Grade Span
K-3,5-8 for 2019-20 / K-3, 5-8 at End of Charter Term
693 for 2019-20 / 693 at End of Charter Term
Accepted Proposal

Locations & Contacts

KIPP Tech Valley Charter School
Grade Span: 5-8
321 Northern Blvd
Albany, NY 12210
Contact: Stephanie Valle
KIPP Tech Valley Charter School
Grade Span: K-3
1 Dudley Heights
Albany, NY 12210
Contact: Maya Tucci
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Accountability Plan Progress Report 10/12/2018View
Accountability Plan Progress Report 09/15/2017View
Accountability Plan Progress Report 09/08/2016View
Accountability Plan Progress Report 09/15/2015View
Accountability Plan Progress Report 09/15/2014View
Annual Report 08/01/2017View
Annual Report 08/03/2015View
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Audited Financial Statements 06/30/2009View
Renewal Report 02/03/2015View
Renewal Report 03/09/2010View
Renewal Report 03/10/2009View
Renewal Resolution 02/03/2015View
School Evaluation Report 12/05/2011View
School Evaluation Report 11/21/2008View
School Evaluation Report 08/09/2007View

KIPP: Tech Valley Charter School’s mission is to provide educationally underserved middle school students with the knowledge, skills and character required to succeed in top-quality high schools, college, and the competitive world beyond.