School Profile

New York City
School District
Brooklyn CSD 18
Grade Span
K-8 for 2019-20 / K-8 at End of Charter Term
780 for 2019-20 / 780 at End of Charter Term

Locations & Contacts

Leadership Preparatory Canarsie Elementary Academy
Grade Span: K-4
1001 East 100 Street
Brooklyn, NY 11236
Contact: Mallorie Bocachica, Principal
Leadership Preparatory Canarsie Middle Academy
Grade Span: 5-8
1070 East 104th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11236
Contact: Michael Scott
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LP Canarsie is about College and Contribution. As an elementary and middle school, we teach students the academic skills, knowledge, and personal traits necessary to succeed in high school, college, and beyond. Through academic achievement, our students prepare to contribute as leaders in their communities. Our approach is based on the practices proven effective at the highest performing urban public schools in the country.