School Profile

New York City
School District
Brooklyn CSD 15
Grade Span
K-8 for 2019-20 / K-8 at End of Charter Term
490 for 2019-20 / 490 at End of Charter Term

Locations & Contacts

PAVE Academy Charter School - Red Hook Elementary
Grade Span: K-4
732 Henry St
Brooklyn, NY 11231
Contact: Hannah Prussin, Principal
PAVE Academy Charter School - Red Hook Middle School
Grade Span: 5-8
732 Henry St
Brooklyn, NY 11231
Contact: Geoffrey Fenelus, Principal
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Accountability Plan Progress Report 10/19/2018View
Audited Financial Statements 06/30/2019View
Audited Financial Statements 06/30/2018View
Audited Financial Statements 06/30/2017View
Renewal Report 02/02/2018View
Renewal Resolution 02/13/2018View
Transfer Resolution 10/11/2017View

PAVE Academy Charter School (“PAVE”) prepares Kindergarten to 8th grade students to thrive in competitive high schools and 4-year colleges. PAVE provides students a rigorous academic program and a school community built on the core values of Perseverance, Achievement, Vibrance, and Excellent Character (PAVE Values).