School Profile

New York City
School District
Bronx CSD 7
Grade Span
9-12 for 2019-20 / 9-12 at End of Charter Term
430 for 2019-20 / 430 at End of Charter Term

Locations & Contacts

University Prep Charter High School
Grade Span: 9-12
600 St. Ann's Avenue 4th floor
Bronx, NY 10455
Contact: Andrea d'Amato, Principal
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Accountability Plan Progress Report 09/17/2018View
Accountability Plan Progress Report 09/15/2017View
Accountability Plan Progress Report 09/15/2016View
Accountability Plan Progress Report 09/15/2015View
Accountability Plan Progress Report 09/15/2014View
Annual Report 08/01/2017View
Annual Report 08/01/2017View
Annual Report 08/03/2015View
Annual Report 08/01/2014View
Annual Report 08/01/2012View
Annual Report 08/01/2011View
Annual Report 08/01/2011View
Annual Report 08/02/2009View
Annual Report 08/02/2009View
Audited Financial Statements 06/30/2019View
Audited Financial Statements 06/30/2018View
Audited Financial Statements 06/30/2017View
Audited Financial Statements 06/30/2016View
Audited Financial Statements 06/30/2015View
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Audited Financial Statements 06/30/2013View
Audited Financial Statements 06/30/2012View
Audited Financial Statements 06/30/2011View
Audited Financial Statements 06/30/2010View
Audited Financial Statements 06/30/2009View
Renewal Report 04/24/2018View
Renewal Report 02/08/2013View
Renewal Resolution 04/24/2018View
Renewal Resolution 02/26/2013View
School Evaluation Report 07/21/2015View

The mission of University Prep Charter High School is to prepare students for success in college, leadership, and life. Ensuring growth in all three areas is our professional commitment and privilege.